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Surface cleaning The Netherlands Havenstraat Zierikzee

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  • What is AQUAQUICK 2000

    AQUAQUICK 2000 is an environment- and user friendly water based product that is being used for a dispersant, degreaser, surfactant, and fire extinguisher. And it is suitable to biodegrade and remove all vegetable, animal, mineral, and synthetic fats, oils, and greases. AQUAQUICK 2000 has been tested and approved by multiple international independent research institutes. AQUAQUICK 2000 has been found to completely biodegradable (100% biodegradation in less than 21 days remaining only CO2, H2O, and Biomass), non-toxic to aquatic organisms (min. 2% dilution (1:50) ) and non-irritating or corrosive to human skin. AQUAQUICK 2000 is mostly sold to the oil industry where it is being used as platform cleaner and oil spill dispersant. it also is an good fire extinguisher for few based fire’s. in the netherlands AQUAQUICK 2000 is market leader for the application of roadsurface disgreaser to remove oil after spills or accidents.
    AQUAQUICK 2000 is a super concentrate, with a minimum dilution rate of 2% (1:50). Diluted AQUAQUICK 2000 is 100% safe for the user, non-toxic to aquatic organisms and is 100% biodegradable.

  • Completely User and Environment Friendly

    AQUAQUICK 2000 contains only natural ingredients with no chlorides, solvents, or alkaloids present. AQUAQUICK 2000 has been approved and tested by numerous independent research institutes around the world with classifications of certification for use coming from TNO Netherlands, MIGAS Indonesia, International Maritime Organization (IMO), the Food Department of Canada, NATO, and the Ministry of Environment Germany, as well as many others.

  • Accelerates Biodegrading of Oil Spills in the environment

    It contains a mixture of nutrients that accelerate bacteria growth in water purification plants, sewage treatment systems, and other micro-organism rich environments, as in rivers, streams, lakes, and forests. The microbes rapidly breakdown and fully biodegrade the emulsified hydrocarbon residues into a harmless and environmentally safe byproduct that can simply be wiped away.

  • Non-Toxic to all Aquatic Organisms (Min. 2% Dilution)

    AQUAQUICK 2000 in its diluted state of 1:50 which is 10ml of AQUAQUICK 2000 mixed into 1 Liter of water; can be used to clean oil spills that have covered animals and vegetation in aquatic environments.

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What is AQUAQUICK 2000

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AQUAQUICK 2000 is being produced in the Netherlands by AQUAQUICK Europe. AQUAQUICK Europe is located in Haaksbergen, Netherlands. AQUAQUICK Europe is subsidiary of AQUAQUICK Global which is holding the world wide rights for manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of the AQUAQUICK products line.

It does not contain solvents, alkalines, or strong acids, therefore it is completely safe for the user as well as the environment. Thanks to the unique composition of AQUAQUICK 2000 it also does not affect or damage rubber, plastic, paint, metal, textiles, wood, coatings, or any other co-polymer in any way. The special nutrients in AQUAQUICK 2000 stimulate and accelerate the growth of micro-organisms that are capable of full biodegradation of oil spills in environmental situations.

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